Frequently asked Questions

Similar to football, you are constantly on the move when playing laser tag. Running is forbidden, but even so you can always feel the exertion. That’s why we recommend sporty clothes and flat shoes. A towel is not bad either. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments or buy them at the bar.

For children aged 10-14 years, written consent from the parent or guardian is required. This can be informal, but is also available as a download template on our website (scroll all the way down and click on Downloads). A parent or guardian of the children aged 10-12 years must be present in the arena.
In addition, the children must be at least 1.30 m tall, as we only have equipment for adults. The handling of the technical equipment and the labyrinth of the arena require a certain maturity, which is generally given for players aged 10 years and older. Our team supervises during the games.

Children’s birthday parties are very popular with us. We offer various packages for children’s birthday parties (from 6 players), all in conjunction with a table for you and your guests and drinks. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks. The package with three games is booked most often. One game lasts 20 minutes, and after a breather of 20 minutes (where you celebrate together, eat cake, etc.) you return to the arena. Please take into account in your planning that the players need to be here about 30 minutes before the first game so that there is enough time for the briefing etc. We have a lot of children’s birthday parties at weekends. We ask that you book in good time so that your desired date is possible.
Experience has shown that a minimum age of 10 years is sufficient. Dealing with the technical equipment and the dark labyrinth of the arena requires a certain maturity, which is generally given with ten-year-olds. Our team will supervise during the games. Two adults for supervision in the lounge area are sufficient.

You are also welcome to call us for further questions.

No! It is harmless infrared light!

Good mood, possibly darker, sporty clothes (black light) and mandatory are flat closed shoes!

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the game, as tickets still need to be solved and the briefing will take place.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks. Please also think of glasses, cutlery or plates if necessary. We sell chilled soft drinks and snacks (nuts, chocolate, mini salami). We do not serve food.

As a group you should always book so you can play together! You can also make reservations online here!

Tickets are taken at the cash desk!

Lockers for valuables are available free of charge!

Briefing takes place before the start of the game by our staff!

For larger groups or events also outside the regular opening hours, we can make an individual offer after consultation!

Usually you do 3 games with breaks in between!